Monday, July 16, 2012

Austin on Kickstarter

I was recently asked if I knew anyone that had done a Kickstarter campaign and might want to be on a crowdfunding panel here in Austin. I started thinking about all of the local folks I knew that had done Kickstarters. There were quite a few! I wanted to share them with you. These are just people I know personally (and friends of friends), so there must be a lot more projects going on in Austin that I don't know about. This is exciting to think about.

Here is the list:

Tammany Hall, The Great Fire of London - Pandasaurus Games / Nathan McNair
Inevitable - Dystopian Holdings / Jonathan Leistiko
Thunderbeam - Karakasa Games / Wiley Wiggins
growerbot - Luke Iseman
Big Poppa E's Poetry Project - Big Poppa E
The Blue Hit Recordings Project - The Blue Hit
Beatbox Beverages (not launched yet) - Beatbox Beverages / Aimy Steadman
CAT22 - me!