Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lecture Series Complete, Here Are All The Links

The last installment of the lecture series was the best day ever. I had the chance to tell some funny stories from my life as a peer-to-peer hacker, and that was really fun for me. We have video and audio podcasts of the lecture, of course. I just want to make a small disclaimer about my last talk for people out there that are going to watch the video. These are anecdotes about the peer-to-peer revolution that I recited from my memories of the past ten years of hacking and hanging out. I did not employ the services of a professional fact checker. There will be inaccuracies, exaggerations, and things I made up because they sounded cool. The talk was meant to be entertaining and to give people a sense of the social history behind things they use every day. If you want an accurate portrayal of the chronology of events, check out the Wikipedia page.

Here are all the files from all the talks:

Lecture 1: Music, Television, and Film - Audio
Lecture 2: Online Communities - Audo, Video
Lecture 3: Peer-to-Peer - Audio, Video, Video of just my part, Slides
All lectures: Links to websites

In answer to the unspoken question that I have seen glinting in the eyes of so many members of the audience at these lectures: Yes, I am on Twitter.

A special thanks to Aimy for making my slides for me and Joseph for putting on this lecture series.