Monday, April 7, 2008

Lecture One Podcast, Details on Lecture Two

The first installment of the lecture series was excellent. Unfortunately, while we are experienced in organizing and recording conferences, this was the first time that we tried to record a presentation while also presenting it! Some unexpected problems arose. First, there was no one to change the videotape so it ran out after an our. Second, there was no one working the mixing board so when halfway through the presentation I demonstrate Pandora, I forget to turn it off therefore covering the rest of the lecture with awesome music.

Anyway, despite its flawed nature, I decided to put the podcast up on Ringlight.

The next lecture will be this Friday, April 7th. The same time and place, 6:30pm at the ACTLab (CMB Studio 4B). The topic will be interesting new developments in Online Communities. I hope to see you there!